Banner Desert Medical Center - Mesa, Arizona

Dirección: Banner Desert Medical Ctr, 1400 S Dobson Rd, Mesa, AZ 85202.
Teléfono: 04123000.
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Especialidades: Centro médico, Servicio de emergencias, Hospital.
Otros datos de interés: Entrada accesible para personas en silla de ruedas, Estacionamiento accesible para personas en silla de ruedas, Sanitarios accesibles para personas en silla de ruedas, Sanitario, Se recomienda concertar cita.
Opiniones: Esta empresa tiene 1349 valoraciones según Google My Business.
Opinión media: 2.4/5.

Ubicación de Banner Desert Medical Center

Banner Desert Medical Center Banner Desert Medical Ctr, 1400 S Dobson Rd, Mesa, AZ 85202

Horario de Banner Desert Medical Center

  • Lunes: Abierto las 24 horas
  • Martes: Abierto las 24 horas
  • Miércoles: Abierto las 24 horas
  • Jueves: Abierto las 24 horas
  • Viernes: Abierto las 24 horas
  • Sábado: Abierto las 24 horas
  • Domingo: Abierto las 24 horas

Banner Desert Medical Center es un centro médico ubicado en Mesa, Arizona, que ofrece una amplia gama de servicios de salud para la comunidad. Con una dirección en 1400 S Dobson Rd, Mesa, AZ 85202, es fácilmente accesible para aquellos que buscan atención médica de calidad en la zona.

Entre las especialidades que ofrece Banner Desert Medical Center se incluyen centro médico, servicio de emergencias y hospital, lo que lo convierte en una opción integral para diversas necesidades de atención médica. Además, cuenta con instalaciones que priorizan la accesibilidad, con entrada, estacionamiento y sanitarios adaptados para personas en silla de ruedas.

Para contactar con el centro, se puede llamar al 04123000 o visitar su página web para obtener más información detallada sobre sus servicios y horarios de atención. Se recomienda concertar cita previa para una atención más fluida y eficiente.

En cuanto a la opinión de los usuarios, Banner Desert Medical Center cuenta con 1349 valoraciones según Google My Business, con una opinión media de 2.4/5. Si bien es importante considerar las opiniones de otros pacientes, cada experiencia es única y puede variar según las necesidades individuales.

Para aquellos que buscan un centro médico completo, accesible y comprometido con la atención de calidad, Banner Desert Medical Center es una excelente opción en Mesa, Arizona. No dudes en visitar su página web para obtener más información y concertar una cita para tus necesidades de salud.

Opiniones de Banner Desert Medical Center

Banner Desert Medical Center - Mesa, Arizona
Victoria Gonzalez


Banner Desert Medical Center - Mesa, Arizona
Belen Rodriguez

Excelente servicio las personas que trabajan ai son muy amables las enfermeras son súper buenas que mas puedo decir todo excelente ?

Banner Desert Medical Center - Mesa, Arizona
Maria Chavez

Uno De Los Mejores Hospitales Amabilidad Confiabilidad Excelentes Doctores Y Enfermeros

Banner Desert Medical Center - Mesa, Arizona
Lindsay Klein

I went to the Nursing Triage to be induced. The nurses there and in labor and delivery were the best! Everyone was very kind and helpful. The doctors and surgical staff were also very nice. I could tell that a lot of the staff that works in this unit enjoys what they do because I felt like they went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and ensure that my newborn son had everything he needed when I wasn’t able to get out of bed.

I would definitely come back to this hospital again to receive care.

Banner Desert Medical Center - Mesa, Arizona

Every person I interacted with at this hospital has been so kind and helpful- the information desk walked me all the way up to the ICU room. I had to come in and out of the ICU and the desk person there was always very nice letting me in, I got lost leaving and was offered help to find my way out.. but the cherry on the top has been the care my grandmother received from her ICU nurse. Of course with all the worry and uncertainty about what is happening with your loved one, you're on edge. The nurses who cared for my grandmother were outstanding and put me at ease that she was in great hands. Well done, Banner and 2nd floor A tower ICU nurses get a standing ovation.

Banner Desert Medical Center - Mesa, Arizona
Christina D'Ambrosio

I had a family member in the ER here this past Saturday afternoon (April 20th), and we had a wonderful experience. Dr. Shields and nurse Greg were outstanding, caring and compassionate and kept us updated throughout the process. I really appreciate the care they gave to my family and would highly recommend them!


Banner Desert Medical Center - Mesa, Arizona
Jeff Niel

So I've been here in the emergency room about 14 hours.and was put in for a bed upstairs 5 hours ago. Here am still waiting in this bed that is killing my back. The nurse just told me it could be 1 to 8 more hours to get a room. I've seen 2 doctors while I've been here. I have to chase down a nurse when I need water or something cause they sure don't answer the call button. The va treats me better than this.i was told thr pharmacy would be coming by to add in my scripts I take at home. They never showed up so the nurse finally put it in cause I had the list. I know they were way busy and when the nurses came in they were helpful. Was just told they assigned me a bed as soon as the room is clean. 5½ to 6 hours later.

Banner Desert Medical Center - Mesa, Arizona
Hanna Fernstrom

If I could give 0 stars I would. I will also be putting in a formal complaint. To say this is the worst hospital I have ever been too. Not only were we misinformed, not informed at all, openly judged, and retested for viruses because they “accidentally cancelled” it the first time (leading us to having to stay longer), they said we would have to speak to a social worker if we wanted to leave because leaving “goes against the drs recommendation of staying until the results are back” which would have been ANOTHER NIGHT there. Keep in mind this was for our 5 month old!!! They were not doing anything for us except checking his vitals every few hours anyways and we can do all of that from home where he can actually sleep. There was no need for us to be there any longer. They can call with results and if it was viral there was nothing they could do anyways, we would just manage symptoms at home, and if it was bacterial we would just come back to receive antibiotics. So we asked to speak to this social worker then and see what she has to say. She came in and we asked our questions, she asked hers and then let us know that there is know that there is no need to do anything further, that the information she was given will be taken as “information only”. She also let us vent about our stay there and totally understood where we were coming from. Honestly I think she’s the only person there who actually cares about the children. The dr then came in and had us sign a document saying we are leaving against their advise which we understood for liability purposes. She then tried to make us feel about leaving saying “please please please keep your phones on and on high at all times and wait for our call” ect…when the first dr already stated that since his white blood cell count was high he thinks it is an infection. THEN THEY NEVER EVEN CALLED US WITH RESULTS!!! I had to call them to try and figure it out! The first time I called they said they “couldn’t see my babies records anymore since we are discharged” I then said, “how does that make any sense you’re supposed to keep records AND how are you guys supposed to call me with results then?” She then goes, “oh well if the dr said they’d call then they must be able to see them somehow.” She then tells me to check the online portal or call my pediatrician that they will have them. So I call my pediatrician and they have no indication that my baby was ever at the ER. I then try to log onto the portal and YOU HAVE TO REQUEST TO ADD A CHILD ONTO YOUR ACCOUNT. So I called the help line and they said “yes, since he is under 18 he can not have an account that I have to request his records be linked to an account for me which can take up to 14 days to get approval.” WHAT. So I call the hospital back and ask to speak to a dr because this is ridiculous. She says “you can’t speak to a dr but I’ll send you to a charge nurse.” The charge nurse then tells me everything is negative except his parainfluenza 3. FINALLY. So 1) we were right and we were right to take our baby home and 2) we were lied to during the first call as well as misinformed. Every dr/nurse/pa said something different. No one ever was on the same page. I couldn’t find a nurse in the middle of the night and then finally found one and she was ASLEEP on her desk, non responsive so I gave up and went to find another person. We ALWAYS had to go find them to get them to suction his nose or administer Tylenol because they hardly ever came. NO ONE was friendly and NO ONE seemed to know what they were talking about. This place should be disgusted with how they operate and 100% should not be operating.